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On the 75th ceremony of VE Day, allocation your memories of BBC broadcasts on that adapted day.

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Tamworth Queen Bed Frame by Vivin | Wooden Bedroom Furniture Harvey Norman Nz

Did you accept account of the abandonment in Nazi Germany from BBC radio? Did the broadcasts from all over the UK and from the blow of Europe aback the moment? If you couldn’t accompany in the celebrations that day, what do you bethink about the broadcasts? Let us apperceive your thoughts, memories and ideas.

I was eight years old alive in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland and accept aloof two specific memories – but both are alive and detailed. I don’t accept any ability of the advertisement but do anamnesis my mother cogent me that we no best had to accumulate the blackout curtains shut at night and she advisedly opened them – afresh switched all the lights on. Afresh my ancestor who was animate on aggressive accouterments bottomward south in England was aback a day or so afterwards for a actual abbreviate stay. He took us to a bonfire, aloof up the road, all my accompany were there and some of the dads had to assignment actual adamantine to get the alarm activity but the faculty of break was excitingly electric and we had some fireworks! From about in someone’s apartment aloof two or three Roman candles and two Catherine auto about two inches in bore – one didn’t work! The atmosphere and alarm connected and the afresh bulletin was that this was a abundant achievement and celebration. Abandoned in afterwards activity was I to actually accept the consequence of that occasion. Today, alive in the Affiliated States I accept been afraid at the credible actual low acknowledgment affiliated of this 75th ceremony – however, not necessarily a absorption of alienation as the VJ date in August has added all-embracing significance.

Norman Eden, Carmel, Indiana, USA

One of my ancient memories, conceivably my earliest, is of actuality at a alarm accident with my mother in Bangor, County Down, in Northern Ireland. I was about three years old. For a connected time I had affected that this anamnesis was of a Guy Fawkes Night bonfire. There was a big fire, a lot of bodies milling about and an figure sat aloft the bonfire, actuality captivated by the flames..

Thinking about this, bisected a aeon later, it dawned on me that this anamnesis could not be of a Guy Fawkes Night celebration, because we couldn’t accept had bonfires like that during the war; and there were no fireworks. I am not at all abiding that Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night (“Plot Night” if you are in Yorkshire) was acclaimed in Ulster. It could not accept been a Plot Night afterwards 1945 because my mother had aloof accustomed bearing to my sister at the end of October 1946. Then, at the time of the 50th ceremony of VE Day, watching old newsreel films of the 1945 celebrations, I realised that this anamnesis was of the VE Day celebrations in Bangor, County Bottomward in May 1945. I would accept been aloof abbreviate of three, accepting been built-in in June 1942.

I anamnesis continuing in a army of bodies with my mother as the figure of a man was placed aloft the alarm and it was set alight. “Who’s that man?” I asked my mother. I was consistently an analytical little boy. She hissed at me through gritted teeth, “Shut up. It’s Hitler.” In those days, for abounding people, “Hitler” was affiliated to a affirm chat and not to be authentic in the attendance of accouchement – nor by accouchement in the attendance of grown-ups.

I accept no anamnesis of my father’s actuality present. On VE Day he would accept been on the abstemious with the RASC. He remained with the army for a while afterwards the peace, alive “displaced persons” aback from Germany to Czechoslovakia. We larboard Northern Ireland at the end of 1945 or aboriginal 1946 and abashed to my afresh demobbed father’s home boondocks of Christchurch, Hampshire. My mother died in December 1946.

Gordon Nevill, Bradford West Yorkshire

I was not yet 12 on VE Day. I anamnesis attractive up at the sky and thinking, the affliction that can abatement on me now is bird poo. No added bombs or acreage mines or shrapnel.

C. Wylie

On audition the account on the radio my abundant aunt beatific her sons to the vicarage to acquaint the abbey so that the abbey accretion could be rung already again.

Pat Dawsom, Llandybie, UK

I was four years old alive in Kenya and my Mother told me the war was over but I could not accept why my Ancestor was not with us, he was still with the 4th Kings African Rifles angry in Burma. We as a ancestors were affiliated at the end of August 1945.

David Watson, Castle Cary Somerset, UK

I was aloof seven at VE day. I bethink we had a big affair in the apple hall, aback that accomplished there was a alarm and singing. My parents and I went to a affair at abode breadth Aloft Podmore was on leave. I assumption he’d accomplished in Europe and was cat-and-mouse to be beatific to the far east. Anyway at some date he put his offcers hat on me. It backward on for the blow of the day, including aback all the accouchement had a accumulation photo taken. Actual backward that night my ancestor agitated me home still cutting the majors hat which he alternate to the aloft the afterward day.

Alan Taylor, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

I was bristles and a bisected years old, and I bethink the artery affair breadth a alarm had been lit alfresco the bounded Methodist church. Potatoes were baking in it and actuality angry over by bounded adolescent men with connected sticks to baker them evenly. They tasted adorable alike admitting the banknote were blackened. The Sunday Academy piano had been brought out into the artery and my mother was co-opted to comedy all the accustomed songs of the day. We all sang with appetite and alike with a aperture abounding of potato I abutting in and knew every word. The blessed singing faces lit up from the alarm flames, the age-old neighbours sitting on Sunday academy benches chatting about their war time adventures and the amusement and auspicious smiles at me singing my affection out are abiding memories which will consistently animate with me.

Mary Gelder, Brighouse, West Yorkshire (now alive in Cyprus)

I was about seven on VE day. We lived in Cheam, Surrey, and I bethink the artery party, but it was not abundant fun as my father, in the Royal Engineers, was still in Oslo, Norway; my mother had heard that there had been some explosions in Oslo and she backward at home cat-and-mouse to apprehend account of my father. I did not accept everything, but I accomplished that my mother was afraid about my father, and I did not like actuality at the artery affair on my own. My ancestor was fine.

Yvonne Taylor, Northants, UK

As a bristles year old, I bethink activity with my ancestor to aggregate bank from a adjoining allocation afresh wheeling to the alliance amid West Avenue and Ebley Alley in Handsworth Wood, Birmingham. The bank was advance over the alley basic the abject for a alarm in the evening. Tables set up in West Avenue were loaded with cakes for a ceremony party. VE Day was acclaimed in style.

Rodney Cartwright, Guildford, Surrey, UK

I was on the academy sports acreage – it was candid that afternoon. One lad appeared and claimed that he’d heard the war was over. I don’t apperceive breadth he got the advice from. It was not abrupt , but no one knew whether the adventure was authentic or not. The Sports Master told us that if it actually was authentic there would be no academy abutting day.

Then we agitated on with the cricket.

Donald Noble, Bromyard, England

These are the recollections of my backward dad SSM Robert Fife of the 49th RTR 7th Armoured Division, from his account he wrote in 1945.

At the alpha of May, aback we were in the Cuxhaven area, I was anchored in my catchbasin at the ancillary of the road. I saw some abstracts walking up the alley in our direction. As they came afterpiece I could see it was a affair of German generals and one German argosy officer, Admiral von Freideberg in a connected atramentous coat. The Germans were accustomed a white flag. Some of our admiral went up to accommodated them. They stood calm discussing things abreast my tank. I admired I had had a camera at that moment. As no British administrator of a commensurable rank was there an official cease alarm could not be organised. Some Britsh admiral went with the Germans above to their ancillary of the curve to see the “other side”. The official abandonment was alive 3 canicule later.

Neil Fife, Tyne & Wear, UK

I bethink VE-day alike admitting I was abandoned 5 years old because my grandfathering acclimated to accept to short-wave BBC and that day he started to beachcomber his accoutrements and to embrace the ancestors shouting: “Berlin fell… Berlin fell…!!”. Then, my sister Myrna, who was two years adolescent than me said “Yes, it’s authentic because I heard the noise.” Of course, that added to the amusement and bliss of that day.

My grandfathering was the greatest adherent of Sir Winston Churchill and had a ample painting of him abaft his desk, in his office.

Many years later, I endemic a bout aggregation in the US and we abashed 2500 veterans to England and Europe aback the 50th. Ceremony of D-Day and saw not abandoned the landing beaches in Normandy but additionally abounding of the sites of altered battles fought in WWII. Those veterans we abashed had admirable and agitating belief of the places they had been during the war.

Christina Coirolo, Melo, Uruguay, South America

I was bristles years old in May 1945, so it was not until I became an developed that I accomplished assertive adolescence recollections and images in my anamnesis belonged to VE Day.

I apperceive now that May 8,1945 was the day aback one of the pastimes that we enjoyed as children, midgie raking (dumpster diving on a babyish scale), became a scavenger coursing to chase for and accumulate annihilation that could be burned.

There was to be a big alarm that night and we were activity to advice ammunition it.

Even admitting my accoutrements were not connected abundant to ability into the debris bins, our targeted sources for accolade actuality to burn, I and added babyish accouchement abutting the quest. Afterward the bigger kids, we ran from backcourt to backcourt, animate as transporters to advice backpack abeyant ammunition from the middens to breadth the alarm was to be built.

I anamnesis two of my pals, Ena and June, and I carriage one advantageous find, a amount of old newspapers, to the abundance of debris growing in the average of the street.

When we were done scavenging, we started soliciting from shopkeepers and neighbors. We ran up and bottomward accommodation stairs, usually chapping at all the doors on anniversary landing simultaneously, as we shouted, “Anything for the fire?” What a babble we charge accept fabricated but I do not anamnesis anybody accepting affronted with us.

Throughout the day bodies came to bandy their contributions on the pile. Once-precious junk, old furniture, and board crates were tossed assimilate the stack.

The bank became a mountain.

By the time ammunition acquisition was beat there were two bags in the street. We apprehension that meant there’d be two bonfires, but were told the abate accumulation was to be acclimated for stoking the capital alarm to accumulate it afire as connected as possible.

The war in Europe was over. That night Thistle Street, breadth I lived, was invaded by revelers charmed to bless the alpha of the end of six years of sacrifice.

As atramentous fell, bodies arranged the street. Those who’d affected or been accustomed albatross for absorption and stoking the alarm waited actually a while for the abandon of the army to charge bottomward afore announcement that the bake was about to be lit. There were activation acclaim from the acquisition at the proclamation.

Naturally, youngsters capital to be adapted up advanced to see the alarm actuality started and some were aerial assimilate accommodating amateur to watch as the alarm was set ablaze. Parents had their easily abounding befitting babyish from accepting too abutting to the flames. Soon, though, best accouchement were shooed abroad from the alarm as adults took over the party.

Though abandoned to the alien perimeter, we could yet see the alarm dancing aloft the alive of the crowds, but could bolt abandoned glimpses of the alarm itself.

My acquaintance Ena and I were lucky. We were hoisted aloft the addle bank alfresco No. 201, our abutting . I don’t bethink who did the lifting. From our animated bench we had a abundant actualization of the alarm and the antics of the grown-ups.

There were so abounding bodies about the alarm that they formed two circles. They captivated easily as they affected side-to-side, singing old wartime songs and perennials of the Scottish songbook.

When the dancing started, I spotted my mother amid the crowd. I had never apparent her ball before. But there she was accomplishing a jig, adopting her arms, flicking her skirt, appropriation her legs and amusement like the blow of the troupe.

My brothers and I went to bed abundant afterwards than accustomed that night while the alarm was still burning. Like our pals, afterwards such a alive day, we were annoyed alike afore the anniversary began. The apprehension of the big alarm and the character of the accident charge accept alloyed us with abundant activity to let us break animate for as connected as we did.

I abutting my eyes and I can see that august alarm with its leaping alarm and ablaze sparks; the bodies captivation easily as they circled the fire, afresh acceptable from side-to-side as they sang. And there’s my mother dancing. I can see them all, aflame by the afterglow of the alarm and the joy in their hearts.

It seemed as if the accomplished apple was blessed that night.

The afterward verse, that we recited as children, came into my arch as I wrote this adventure of VE Day in Thistle Street.

Now the war is over

And Hitler he is dead

He apprehension he’d go to heaven

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With a acme aloft his head

But the Lord said, “No,

You’ll accept to go below,

There’s abandoned allowance for Churchill

And his wee atramentous bow.”


Midgie = Glasgow argot for a midden, breadth debris bins were kept. Not to be abashed with the tiny bitter insect that plagues the highlands of Scotland

Going from one accommodation backcourt to addition was an easier assignment than it would accept been afore the war aback backcourts were alleged aback greens. Metal palings (railings) that, as fences, had distant aback greens into allotments, were dug up at the alpha of the war to be broiled bottomward and acclimated in ammunition factories.

With no angry to impede, the backcourts became shortcuts and throughways. The already disconnected areas were trampled into a huge grass-free playground, giving accouchement added amplitude to comedy games, go midgie raking, dig dirt, accomplish tunnels and, with the aid of a dustbin of baptize and spade, actualization barrio from clabber (gooey mud) – castles in the clay rather than the sand.

Baffle walls had been erected in advanced of the abutting of anniversary accommodation architecture aboriginal in the war. They were brick barriers or corrugated aluminium encasing bank and stone, eight to nine anxiety tall, six anxiety wide, and two- or three-bricks deep, congenital on the bend of the pavement (sidewalk) to anticipate shockwaves from bomb blasts aural through the entrances and bringing bottomward the buildings.

Close = accustomed entranceway

My mother, in account her memories of the war, told me some of the songs that were articulate on VE night: It’s a Connected Way to Tipperary, Pack up Your Troubles, Accumulate the Home Fires Burning, I Belong to Glasgow, Accumulate Adapted on to the End of the Road, By Yon Bonnie Banks and, of course, Auld Lang Syne, amid them.

Late in the atramentous as the alarm was accepting low, the majority of bodies with accouchement larboard to put them to bed. A few scalawags begin sources of ammunition to accumulate the alarm going.

The day afterwards the bonfire, some of the accustomed toilets were missing their board doors. The doors of accepted cellars, which were amid at the aback end of anniversary accommodation close, concluded up in the fire. Such cellars were acclimated to store, amid added things, connected board clothes poles, whose purpose was to prop up clothes curve and accumulate wet laundry from boring on the clay aback it was afraid out to dry. The poles met the aforementioned fate as the apartment doors.

Mary Caroline Russell nee Whittaker, Then: Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland. Now: Walnut Creek, California

Lived in N.W. London. Went up to Trafalgar aboveboard with my Mother and Aunts. Got distant in the crowds and spent the day sitting on some axle in Whitehall.

Herbert Reginald Beckley, Bournemouth, UK

I was bristles and a bisected years old. I had followed the advance of the war with mum who had a map of Europe on the wall. As the bulletins came in mum acicular out breadth and what was happening, the Allies arch the Rhine and affair the Russians, the Red Army on the banks of the Elbe. My dad was animate for the Hawker aircraft factory, the cartoon appointment abashed from Richmond to a girls academy in the country. Travel was difficult and he formed sometimes seven canicule a week. I hardly knew my dad in those days.

I was awoken a year ahead by a doodlebug actually aerial beeline accomplished my bedchamber window, its ablaze bankrupt lighting up my allowance and its agent aural I hated the war but my brother four years beforehand begin it actually exciting.

Adrienne May, North Walsham, Norfolk

We did not accept a radio to apprehend the account so I went to academy as usual.

When I got to academy there was no one in the amphitheater at Fetteresso School, Stonehaven, Scotland.

I apprehension that I was LATE for class. As it was frowned aloft by agents for pupils to access backward consistent in a blame I absitively notto go in.

I hid my academy bag above the artery abaft some bushes and set off to comedy on the beach. I could see the boondocks alarm from the bank so aback cafeteria time came a brace of hours afterwards I retrieved my academy bag and headed home.

When I got home I was greeted by abounding uncles and aunts and mother allurement breadth I had been.


Everyone started bedlam and this was the abandoned time I abhorred actuality reprimanded for not cogent the truth. My tarrydiddle was accepted.

So I went bottomward in ancestors history as the abandoned kid who did not apperceive the war was over!!

Arthur Balmer, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

A blur fabricated by my acceptance at The Babyish School, Hartland, Devon, in 2016. It actualization the Apple War II reminiscences of four ladies in the village. A agitating film, decidedly adapted for the present circumstances.

Paul Wilkinson, Hartland, Bideford, UK

I was 11 at academy in a babyish apple amid Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The bi-weekly agitated a map anniversary day of the absorption arena about Berlin. The abandonment was arise by the bounded broadcasting corporation, and afresh afresh at 6 pm on the General Overseas Account of the BBC. Aback the newsreels accustomed I saw the crowds about the Palace and actual acutely bethink the analyst adage “And actuality arise the South Africans with their acceptable chicken flash,” which affronted us all abundantly as the beam was orange, and chicken had and has implications. My ancestor had been afflicted in the arid war, and had already been discharged.

Ralph Wortley, Natal, South Africa

My Mother, Patricia Steane (formerly Glenwright) was canonizing the Artery Affair and big alarm in her adjacency on VE Day. Her own mother sewed red and dejected ribbons in the actualization of a “V” on to her white dress!

Katherine Steane, Swansea, UK

My benevolent grandfathering was one of the aboriginal Aerial Observers during WW1, afterwards the war he went to assignment for Lucas Electricals as an engineer. During the mid 30’s he was complex in the architecture of Britain’s tanks, it was during that time he was recruited to advice in the architecture and architecture of Churchill’s War Rooms were he played a axiological role. He never talked about this and I abandoned begin out afterwards his death, a actually amazing gentleman.

Stephen Phillips, Castle Cary, UK

My parents, John Yorke-Barber and Gillian Cumberlege got affiliated at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury on VE Day! They abandoned aloof fabricated it to the abbey as so abutting to Trafalgar Sq. My ancestor was an army clergyman with the 8th army in Egypt, my mother a Middlesex Hospital nurse. My ancestor died in 1964 from his war injuries afterward the biconcave of the Lancastria in 1940. They were a admirable blessed couple.

Clare Padmore, Cookham

May 8th, 1945 – the official date for the end of Apple War II in Europe with the signing of the act of abandonment of Germany.

How enviable their fate!

Cherries bloomed.

In the base of the animate world.

I bent the alpha of the ceremony of Achievement Day in my country in 1965 on May 9th as a child.

That day aggregate was altered in our courtyard.

Underneath the greenery of surrounding bushes that captivated the aboriginal blossom, stood a ample table usually alive in the atramentous time by men for arena chess and dominoes from the adjoining houses, covered with a ample tablecloth afterwards midday.

Residents pulled up from the porches of houses to this table with adapted treats for the war veterans.

Most of the men who were above aggressive men for the aboriginal time in abounding years put on their Battle awards and medals boring went to this blithe table, for the aboriginal time to actively and humanly bethink this day of 1945 and all those who did not acknowledgment home.

Many of our neighbors did not apperceive how abounding war veterans lived in our neighborhood.

The men in the award-winning jackets were actively bashful and a little embarrassed, from such absorption to them and from the spontaneously arising festively laid table for them.

I don’t remember, or rather, I don’t apperceive who the architect of this celebratory cafeteria in our courtyard was aback then.

However, I bethink how we performed afore them on an improvised date by the garages: some recited simple verses, some sang, but the highlight of this concert was the achievement of one girl, a aerial academy student, assuming melodies of war songs on the accordion.

Awards, medals!

We accept not apparent so abundant and so close!

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Cube 9 Piece Queen Tallboy Bedroom Suite by Vivin | Wooden Bedroom Furniture Harvey Norman Nz

And who would accept apprehension that those whom we saw every day, and about whom the old women sometimes agitated about on the circadian at the entrance, were not aloof Vasily Ivanovich and Nikolai Petrovich, but were heroes who risked their lives in reality, not like in a cine about the war, but in absoluteness indeed!

And how abundant more!

We saw the Battle Medals and accolade regalia and we were accustomed to blow them and appraise them up abutting for the aboriginal time.

We vied with anniversary while allurement the veterans about what they got them for.

Ah! If abandoned would it be accessible to abode aggregate bottomward then, but not anybody would acquaint in detail, they kept rather bashful added and said that it was a connected time ago and canonizing is not consistently joyful, it’s simple – this was the work, the aggressive assignment it was and that is that.

There was a navigator from the icebreaker MV “Krasin” with the Order of Lenin (the accomplished award) for the conservancy of the Chelyuskinites, and a sailor on MV “Avrora” with St. George’s Crosses from the Aboriginal Apple War.

The sailor from MV”Avrora” was blind, he could consistently be apparent on the tribune during the burghal advance of anniversary demonstrations on November 7th, but he was consistently there afterwards these George Crosses. We never knew.

There was our courtyard attendant adult with the Order of the Red Star accolade and medals for the abduction and liberation of European cities, who anesthetized forth the anchorage of war as a medical instructor.

Like any celebratory barbecue in the Urals, in our backyard it connected with songs of the war times, with conversations about how it was and how they were advantageous to break alive, canonizing all those who did not animate up to the peaceful post-war days, afore the blithe fireworks that day.

The aboriginal blithe abode in account of Achievement Day was accustomed by acceptance of the Suvorov Academy alleged afterwards Twice the Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Odintsov, from the roof of the capital architecture of the academy with arresting blaze guns.

It was the aboriginal abode on Achievement Day on May 9, 1965 in the Soviet Union.

Until this day, Achievement Day was not accessible anniversary and was not acclaimed with a salute.

I will never balloon this aboriginal blithe Achievement Day and my neighbors in the courtyard who were on the fronts of the Abundant Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Sergey Makarov, Moscow, Russia

My benevolent Grandmother was ill in hospital with appendicitis on VE day and the nurses all went into axial London to bless abrogation her abandoned on the breadth ! My ancestor saw fireworks for the aboriginal time on the night of VE day aback a bounded newsagent who wasn’t accustomed to advertise them during the war accustomed accouchement to advice themselves to his banal !

Andrew Griffiths, Sunbury on Thames

I anticipate the celebrations accept gone actual able-bodied I anticipate that the acclimate has been abundant for the ve day celebrations castigation anxiously David Hudson from Leeds

David Hudson, Headingley, Leeds

I was ten years old on VE Day. Bethink abandoned some bodies celebrated, I was not in the affection accepting absent acceptable academy friends, an Uncle, and an Aunt in air raids over Sunderland; could see no winners in any war and still feel the same. We had a artery affair in Fulwell Rd, and dancing in a afford breadth buses were garaged. My memories are far added alive of hawkeye night spent in a apartment audition bombs fall. Celebrate? Not likely.

Dr Malcolm Craig, Cambridge

I was absolved from the holocaust.

Vera Hoffman, Savannah.Ga. U.S.A

My mum’s been cogent me how she concluded up at two VE day parties! She’s apprehensive if she’s the abandoned aboriginal attendee in the street.

Hugh Davies, Vale of Glamorgan

At 3’oclock 75 years ago to the day my Mum told me to booty the bulletin that the war in Europe had concluded to my Papa (my mother’s father). So I ran (age 8) to the continuing bean acreage above the cemetery in Gatehouse breadth he was allowance in the acreage to accord him the message. My father, was a British soldier at the time, a connected way from home in the Netherlands.

Alison Park, Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland

I was age-old 8 on VE Day and I accept a alive anamnesis of walking from Sloane Aboveboard to Buckingham Palace with my parents and shouting ‘We appetite the King. We appetite the King’ until the King and Queen re-appeared on the balustrade with Winston Churchill. We were about 8 rows from the railings of Buckingham Palace. I accept not apparent or heard any recordings of this whilst watching the old newsreel footage.

Simon Bingham, London

I was a war baby, built-in in 1942, alive in New Zealand, and I accept the war, or the end of the war, provided me with one of my aboriginal absolute and able memories. It was VE Day, so I would accept been two and a half. It charge accept been in the morning. My mother took me out to the free-standing letterbox, aerial me to angle on it, and there we heard the bells, sirens and hooters, campanology up from the city, airy over the ridges that led bottomward to boondocks about three distant away. Afresh my mother took me aback inside, into the advanced room, the best room, and we both knelt bottomward by the couch and she prayed out loud, thanking God that the war was over. I accept never abandoned that; I don’t accept that I would accomplish that up, nor do I anticipate it was my mother who told me this happened.

Donald Fraser, Glasgow

I bethink the artery party. Lots of tea and block but we were reminded that administration hadn’t ended. Joy at the end of bombing and V1 and V2 attacks. We lived in Medway on the bombing run into London and in amid dockyard at Chatham and aerodrome at Rochester, and attractive at the atrium arrangement we account we ability accept been next. But affliction that Dad and uncle were still angry in Burma in abominable conditions. They were the Abandoned Army all right. Aftermost in band for aliment and aircraft. We alike got aliment accoutrements beatific to us from Dad as Americans had abundant bigger armament and could additional some. Sweets! I was aloof 4 years old at the time but still shiver at the babble of a siren. Aftermost of the band that can bethink it aboriginal hand. Charge bethink to acquaint the grandkids. Our parents never batten of it.

John Parsons, Banstead

As a adolescent boy of about four we realised the accent of bearing as abundant of our our aliment as possible, and I would agilely jump into my grandfather’s barrow and be taken forth to his allocation in Netley Abbey, abreast Southampton. We lived in a analytical breadth as borne out by the German bombers attraction with bombing the docks and the capital railway band accustomed troops up and bottomward the South coast. As adolescent boys we were again warned not to go abreast the Southampton baptize itself which was admired as a able-bodied cloistral but abeyant landing point for German troops, and arise this end a ample allotment of the sea advanced in the apple was mined.

One day aback my grandfathering and I were appropriately activity about our assignment a distinct German fighter alike flew aerial branch in a absolute band to our house, the ambition railway band actuality but a minimum ambit up the alley abutting aperture but one to my babyish Aunt. A attending of alarm showed on my grandfather’s face and, in anger, he befuddled his anchor at the plane. Nobody would accept believed what happened next, diminutive of all my babyish grandfather. The pilot took the alike about abounding aeon and tore bottomward arise us battlefront all the way, and I anamnesis to this day seeing his actualization in the cockpit and the alarm flashes appearing from his apparatus gun. It was abandoned my grandfather’s activity in throwing me to the ground, and himself on top, that adored our lives.

The battlefront accepting chock-full we assuredly afflicted to acquisition forth my absolute body, on my larboard ancillary and beneath than bisected an inch away, a band of holes still ejecting a admixture of clay and smouldering smoke. Cartoon my grandfather’s absorption to them in all chastity I asked “what were those “angry holes”!? He went white and, abashed that my mother would authority him alone amenable for afraid his anchor and I was affidavit to complete clandestineness – a abstruse I kept until her actual old age aloft which she told me she “knew” there was article odd gong on that day! The alike had arise bottomward the added ancillary of the railway curve and the pilot was “captured” by bounded farmers – it actuality aloof as able-bodied that they knew annihilation of my story!

With the aftereffect of the war not attractive acceptable at the time my fourteen year old accessory Bob Carter told us adolescent ones that we were the final band of defence aback the Germans would, in his words, “surely arise up the Southampton water, access our village, and arch up Coursing Avenue arise our homes with angry absorbed arise us and our mothers. He encouraged our little associates to accumulate sticks and stones and annihilation accessible with which to accost the German soldiers, and from that day on the bean I alleged for the purpose nestled, actuality right-handed, in my adapted trouser pocket.

I will never balloon VE day aback it assuredly came. At the age of six I had accepted annihilation but war, connected bombing, black-out curtains, no artery lights, hunger, delicate egg, and all that went with it. Everywhere bodies ran into the artery shouting “the war is over”! Affiliated ladies and mothers enquired as to whose sons had fabricated it through, and whose had not, and there was amazing joy alloyed with tears as folk looked about for aloof about annihilation that would bake to add to the huge ceremony alarm to be set off on accustomed land. Retired Aloft Saunders let off his own home fabricated fireworks which blew out several windows in the street.

Soon the apparent adduce of my father’s army boots would be heard from far abroad victoriously abutting the abode to be accustomed with alloyed animosity as abounding such men were in those different times. I acquainted a aberrant admixture of joy, abatement and action brave with a affectionate of abandoned activity built-in of not alive what I should focus on next. For archetype I advised at breadth what I should do about the now bombastic bean in my trouser pocket. I knew I would feel somewhat naked afterwards it but afterwards due application I assuredly accustomed it to blooper through my fingers to the arena as the ultimate attribute that it was now assuredly over!

Now we aloof had to apprentice to animate with the peace!

But I did apprentice acquaint from these events, adolescent as I was at the time. As my career unfolded, for example, I had already accustomed a able assignment in how to accumulate confidences and authority a secret. I began to accept that “somebody” was attractive afterwards me up there. I little knew at the time that I would face abounding added activity aggressive ventures, the adaptation of which aloof added to a affectionate of aplomb that, perhaps, I was actually invincible; that the adventure with the German alike was aloof a alertness for what was to come. The aircraft up the Southampton baptize accomplished my biking and all-encompassing approaching travels. We abstruse the priorities in activity and how to see things in perspective. We had all abstruse the amount of accompaniment administration both ache and joy in those accepted air arrest shelters, and without, and I anticipate it would be authentic to say that we abstruse how to accomplish the best out of life. But now was the time for those animating blissful celebrations which we now entered with absolute activity and vigour. A time in our lives never to be forgotten. the brand of which we all adjure we will never appointment again

John Gittus, Bewdley

I wasn’t built-in afresh but I can bethink my Mum who lived in Drury Lane saying. “After years of actuality abashed every day, alive through the Blitz, cat-and-mouse for the blow bugs which cut out afore they landed and exploded, alive for your life- sleeping in the underground and ambuscade beneath the stairs you could airing afterwards abhorrence and at aftermost could dream about the future. “. She was one of those with her sister bedlam and dancing in Trafalgar Square. That moment backward with her for the blow of her life. She died at the age of 94 in 2015.

Heather Wing, Bracknell

An abstract from a letter my Grandmother wrote to a Polish airman she had met who was to become my Grandfather! “Dear Mietek, The account has arise at aftermost and anybody is berserk excited….. A acquaintance and I went to Trafalgar Aboveboard as we apprehension we would like to see the fun, it was artlessly amazing to see the crowds there, I accept never apparent annihilation like it before. No one seemed to affliction breadth they were activity or what they were doing. There were bodies sitting on the bobcat statues and on Nelson’s cavalcade and on the gates and monuments by Buckingham Palace.”

Ruth McConkey, on account of my Grandma Mary Sloboda, London

Even as a adolescent boy then, I bethink able-bodied activity to a newsagents shop, affairs a paper, with account ‘Victory in Europe. Unconditional abandonment by Germany’. At night, ample bonfires and fireworks fabricated for a actual blatant night in Perth.

Allan Fair, Aberdeen

I was 12 o VE day. I I bethink artery affair in Pelkerin Alley Stoke Newington. The pianos were abashed into the artery and there was lots of singing and dancing. I was blessed the war had ended, no added bombs and blow bugs.

Pat Brandwood, Poole

My ancestor the backward Francis James White (Jim) was one of the aboriginal bodies in the Apple to apperceive that Apple War 2 in Europe was over.

At the age of 18 in aboriginal 1939 Dad enrolled in the Territorial Army, because of his absorption in electronics he abutting the Royal Corps of Signals. He was at the anniversary TA affected on the South Bank in backward August 1939 and was alleged up. for alive account one day afore war was declared.

In backward 1941 he was acquaint to S.E. Asia but because he was beneath 21, was removed from the accidental and became complex with the defence of Britain. He was acquaint to Norfolk breadth he afterwards met and affiliated my Mother.

As the war agitated on, he was answer to the rank of Sergeant and afresh acquaint to General Montgomery’s 21st Army Accumulation TAC HQ. This meant that he was to be complex at the actual centre of Britain’s accomplishment to defeat the Nazis.

He remained with TAC HQ through France afresh into Belgium, he was complex with the adverse Operation Market Garden, sitting in a canal for three nights aggravating to contact, by radio the amidst paratroopers on the arch of Arnhem. Afterward the Battle of the Bulge he set up adapted radio links to accredit General Montgomery to secretly move aback to Belgium to briefly booty over command of the affiliated forces.

As 1945 progressed, TAC HQ accomplished Luneburg Heath in Germany. On the 3rd May a accidental of chief German admiral (General Admiral Von Friedeburg; Rear Admiral Wagner and Aloft Friedl); approached the camp. They were escorted in and fabricated to angle adjoining to a flagpole aerial the Union Flag. General Montgomery came out to see them. Dad remembers audition Monty say in a actual dismissive articulation “What do they want?” Dad recollects they were authoritative demands and allurement for altitude from Montgomery until he took them into his map caravan, on the way in he told them he was breaking agreement by assuming them the Allies disposition and jokingly told them “showing you this could get me cloister marshalled for advice advice and fraternising with the enemy”. He afresh showed them the Affiliated positions on the charts, they came out of the map band attractive actual annoyed and sombre. There was no added allocution of conditions. Some of the Germans alternate to their HQ to abode aback to the German Aerial Command.

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This is breadth my ancestor actually became complex with the abandonment process. He was amenable for alive some of Monty’s radio communications and was ordered to acquaintance the German Aerial Command and accelerate them the agreement and altitude of the surrender. The articulation was set up and the advice was beatific by Morse Code. It was allotment of Dad’s assignment to angle abaft the operators to ensure that any bulletin that was beatific was accurate, he did this by alert to the bang of the key. Aback the abettor had accomplished sending the bulletin to the German Aerial Command Dad accomplished over him and said “That is a allotment of history” he promptly abashed the Morse key and replaced it with a spare. The Morse key has remained in the ancestors aback then.

In the aboriginal hours of the abutting morning Dad sat bottomward and wrote a letter to my Mother cogent her as abundant as he was able about the day’s events.

My Darling Wife, this is 2.30 on the 4th May and I accept a activity that it is the day we accept been cat-and-mouse for, for six years. I abandoned ambition I could abode bottomward on cardboard what I apperceive but there is still such a affair as a abridge and all I can say is that I am now accomplishing what is apparently the best important assignment in my life.

For abounding years afterwards the war Dad abounding TAC HQ dinners initially with Acreage Marshall Montgomery afresh afterwards with Montgomery’s son David.

In May 1995 Dad was arrive to arise several commemorative contest in the Netherlands and Germany. On Luneburg Heath he was taken to the declared armpit of TAC HQ, he actual bound abreast them it was the amiss abode and went and begin the accurate slab that had been laid to accord Monty’s band a close and collapsed foundation. He was interviewed by associates of the Dutch and German columnist and, I believe, a anchorman from the UK armament radio and TV service. Afterwards that day in the boondocks of Luneburg he aggregate the date with the sons of Admiral Friedeburg and Acreage Marshal Montgomery.

Shortly afterwards the abandonment Dad was acquaint home due to ill health. He was accepted into hospital breadth he had one of his kidneys removed. He had to leave the army alike admitting he capital to accomplish a career of it abnormally as he was recommended for administrator training. Afterward a training advance on television aliment he acquired a job as a radio & TV repairman. He eventually became the buyer of the aggregation and backward there until he retired. He anesthetized abroad in January 2010.

Peter White, London

I was 6 years old aback my acquaintance Eileen and I absolved home from academy on VE Day.Eileen’s mother told us the war was concluded and we fabricated bank castles in her garden decorating them with Union Jack flags. Afresh I rushed home to acquaint my mother the account and she already knew. My ancestor was a approved soldier and had been angry with the 8th Army through N Africa and Italy. He assuredly came home in the Autumn 1945. We hadn’t apparent him aback September 1939. Proud of both my parents for the way they both coped for our country and our family.

Nina Terry, Nottingham

I was a three months old babyish and my ancestor had apparent me for the aboriginal time. About accepting been allotment of the Normandy invasions, his leave was over and he had to acknowledgment to Germany. He told me about how he spent the day en avenue in a acreage in France afterwards his assembly and no celebrations. My mother who had been a WRAF was in Bristol and whilst actuality adequate about the end of the war in Europe feared her bedmate would now accept to go to Asia (no ability of the diminutive bomb) Based on their absolute acquaintance I anticipate the bliss agreeable today overstates the absolute mood. Yes, abatement but a lot added still to come. The BBC owes us the authentic affection not some simplistic adaptation of a actually able generation.

Stuart Saint, London

I was 10 aback the war ended. Me and my mother went to Big Ben to accept to the news, I was overjoyed.

Mehar Odedra, Leicester

I would like to accelerate you pictures of the belletrist my ancestor (RAF 14th fleet now deceased) wrote to my mother about VE day, They had been affiliated a year and had aloof had a abrupt few canicule together. They are agitating of the times and he describes cat-and-mouse to apprehend the account from the BBC. He had to acknowledgment to operations on 10th May convoying ships. He was in bombers Marauders and Wellingtons. I amid these belletrist forth with his entries in his diaries.

Anthea Perry, Bromley

At 88 I’m still a presenter on BBC’S Radio Kent, Oxford and Berkshire. I was two monhs abroad from my 14th altogether aback VE Day came. My ancestor was a apple publican at Bekesbourne abreast Canterbury and he beatific me annular the apple on the eve to acquaint bodies about the ball and sports day the afterward day. We had been in the blubbery of the war. The apple was blitzed in backward August by German bombers aiming for the Dover- London railway line,we had a ringside bench for the Battle of Britain and had to abide two blitzes on Canterbury three distant away. I anamnesis actuality abashed that their would be a lot of abandonment on VE Day but, as it happens there was actually none.

Bill Rennells, Beckenham

As a adolescent boy alive in Salford during WW11, I accomplished the assault of 1940 with its bombing and distruction about my home. Three brothers in Army. Youngest age-old 18 was dead 6weeks above-mentioned to end of war, accepting served in Royal Scots Fusilliers. We appointment his grave and that of his 9 assembly in Germany and should accept travelled there on 23rd March this year with a appointment to his grave on the day he was dead 75 years ago. It wasn’t to be! Added two brothers travelled distant throughout the continuance of war and alternate home. Ancestor had fought in the Somme – WW1 now to be in ARP Account in WW11. VE Day in 1945 captivated alloyed activity for our family, admitting as a adolescent I enjoyed the artery party. My parents with abundant hearts could not accompany in.

Colin Pollard, Manchester


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The VE Day broadcasts on the BBC were extensive, and items above the agenda included:

Regular Achievement Reports, handing over from flat to alfresco advertisement vans above the UK and abroad in Europe.

London scenes from Buckingham Palace with annotation by Howard Marshall anecdotic the cat-and-mouse crowds floodlit for the aboriginal time aback the blackout. The Royal Ancestors arise on the balcony.

A attending aback at the actualization beforehand that day from Sir Winston Churchill. Annotation by Richard Dimbleby as Churchill appears on the balustrade and speaks to the army with three cheers.

Victory letters from the Commanders:

General Eisenhower, Air Chief Marshal Tedder, Admiral Sir John Tovey.

Messages from the Armies in the field:

In Germany, Acreage Marshal Montgomery.

BBC Correspondent Chester Wilmot, introducesmembers of 21st Army Group: Sgt. Aloft George Emery (11th Hussars),Pte.William Nelson (Royal Scots),Sgt. Fred Garrett (6th Airborne Division) an ex-bricklayer.Dvr. Wally Gibson (three times best ploughman) Wing-Cmdr. Robert Woddell (R.C.A.F.). 12th U.S. Army Group:General Omar Bradley.

BBC Correspondent Frank Gillard introduces: Lt. Carl Goodwin (95th Infantry Division),Sgt. Lawrence Vercandy (9th Army Air Force), Tech. Sgt. J. Dalusio (9th Armoured Div – one of the aboriginal to cantankerous Rhine at Remagen), Italy: Acreage Marshal Alexander, Supreme Commander, Mediterranean.

BBC Correspondent Stewart MacPherson with annotation on the atmosphere in Piccadilly Circus.

On Lambeth Walk, south London, annotation by Tommy Trinder, with army singing ‘Doin’ the Lambeth Walk’ in the background.

Channel Islands: bulletin from Mlle Lucille Gruchy in London, whose ancestors remained in the Channel Islands.

Dover: Annotation by Norman Fuggles from a warden’s column at Hellfire Corner, introduces Pat Buckley (Chief Warden) and Miss Scanlan, feudatory of a auberge on seafront.

Birmingham: Annotation by Mr. Oakley at a affair at Birmingham Services Club, with interviewees fromJamaica.

Hull: Mr. Kirby describes a archetypal home and ancestors and introduces his wife, Mrs. Lawson.

Caernarvon: William Aspden describes the arena alfresco the Boondocks Anteroom as the army sings ‘O Fryiniau Caersalem Jesu Mawr’.

Belfast: Mr. McMullan describes arena on one of the harbour quays and introduces a Argosy administrator and a berth worker.

Edinburgh: Mr. Westwater describes the arena in Princes’ Street.

Glasgow: Mrs. MacDonald of Greenock talks about her bristles sons.

Clydebank: Leo Hunter describes the scene, with the complete of army singing, and choir of ships’ hooters from the harbour.

U.S.A.: Times Square, Midtown, Manhattan with annotation on the scene.

Cincinatti, Ohio: Annotation by James Cassidy, introduces Annette Madden, saleslady.

San Francisco: Annotation by Alistair Cooke.

‘Victory greetings to accompany in absolved countries and to our Russian allies’.

Paris: Annotation by Pierre Lefevre. Dawn on V-E Day with sirens and the army singing in the streets, with the accretion of Notre Dame.

Duchesne: a bulletin from London – France’s ordeals during the war and angle to the future.

Greetings to the Far East.

Lord Louis Mounthatten: bulletin from Far East: ‘Japanese too are alpha to run’.

London: Buckingham Palace with annotation by Howard Marshall, army still apprehension addition actualization of Royal Family.

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Countryside: Annotation by R. Wightman from the apple of Piddletrenthide in Dorset. Pub arena and description of the quiet countryside.

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